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Tesla Roadster 2 (red) Rental

Let a dream come true and rent a Tesla from Click on "Rent now" and choose the desired date in the online calendar. Then complete the rental form and soon after you will find yourself behind the wheel of this fantastic car.

Sportive and fast as lightning. From 0 to 100 in 1.9 seconds. An extraordinary new sports car experience. The car is made for ultimate performance and aerodynamic. The first super sports car that breaks all the records and still offers space for up to 4 passengers. Thanks to the removable sunroof one can even enjoy true cabriolet feeling.

Color red
Amount of seats 4
Range 1000 km
Interior White premium / carbon
Performance Ludicrous+
Gear Dual motor all wheel drive
CHF 1,200 / Day
CHF 9,101 / Month
(250km / day (max. 2,750km / month))

Available soon