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Introduction to Tesla

Before collecting your rented Tesla, please read this introduction and watch the videos. It will help you to quickly and easily find your way around in this new vehicle.

Tesla vehicles are among the safest in the history of motor vehicles. Not only due to its design, a Tesla is constantly scanning its surroundings with its sensors and cameras in order to be able to brake automatically in the case of a potential collision. Even the innovative falcon wing doors on the Model X are opened in such a way that they do not touch other objects or vehicles.

The key is shaped like the vehicle and is known as a "key fob". A double click in the center opens the Tesla, a single click closes it again.

Unlike conventional vehicles, an electric vehicle has no gears. However, it has a similar control lever to a car with an automatic gearbox. It is located on the right hand side behind the steering wheel and offers the option D (Drive) to drive forwards and R (Reverse) to reverse. If the button on the side of the lever is pressed, the vehicle goes into Park (P) mode.

Boot space
A Tesla has no classic engine space, like petrol- or diesel-powered cars. Stowage space for luggage or other items can therefore be found at the front and the back of the car.

Interactive screen The screen on the driving console is the actual control center which controls all functions of the vehicle. From music and navigation via ventilation to the opening and closure of doors. The completely and constantly updated operating instructions can be found there too.

The internal navigation system knows all locations of public charging stations. The lid to the charging connector is opened either by the key fob or the interactive screen to recharge. It is located on the left hand side at the rear. Recharging costs nothing at many charging points, including at all Tesla superchargers. Complete recharging takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the power rating (voltage) of the charging station.

Overview (3 Minutes)

Key operation (2 Minutes)

Front and rear boot space (2 Minutes)

Start/Stop functionality (1 Minute)