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Privacy Policy

1. Use of personal data
This website can be visited without leaving any personal information. To rent a car or by using the contact form it is necessary to leave personal data in order to process a request. The collected data is contact information or driver details. The data is stored along with the IP address of the used computer. Data is not forwarded or shared with third parties except the tax/accounting company or if legal reasons require it. Data is stored for the amount of time the law requires it, this on the base to fulfill the contract.

2. Security of data
All data collected from you will be protected with technical and organisational measures so they cannot be accessed by unauthorised third parties. By using data encryption (SSL), it is ensured that no data can be changed or recorded during the Internet connection from the client to the server.

3. Newsletter
If there is the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter, your email address is collected for the reason to send the newsletter along with the IP address used to subscribe. There is an unsubscribe link at the end of each newsletter.

4. Request/correct/delete/block personal data
There is the right to receive personal data in electronic form, to block or delete an account as long as not limited by legal or tax requirements. A request can be sent using the information on the contact/imprint page. We reserve the right to request documents to identify the requestor as well as to demand an administraton fee in case of repeated requests. Personal data can be updated by logging into the user account or by contacting us. Changes are either reflected immediately in the database or within reasonable time. We may collect all submitted data for the backup reasons or fraud prevention. Or to fulfill legal duties or due to other legitimate reasons. There is the right to send a complaint to the data protection authorities.

5. Third party applications
We use "Google Analytics" to receive anonymous information about visitors and their origin. To display location information the service "Google Maps" is used. We embed videos from the "Youtube" service and use fonts offered by the "Google Fonts" service. For all those, "Google's" terms apply.

6. Cookies
We use cookies to store session information after a login as well as to measure the visitor flow anonymously. Cookies are not shared with third parties nor can they access them.

Last update: 10/18