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Rent a Tesla Model X

Tesla’s Model X is the new standard among electric SUVs. It is an electric car which is not only extremely sporty, but also offers a great deal of space. It can absolutely be described as a family car because it offers space for up to 7 persons or alternatively stowage space for luggage, prams or bicycles. It is the fastest SUV in the world!

Great store is also set by safety: In addition to four-wheel drive it has countless safety functions in order to arrive at the destination safe and sound. During the journey, the Tesla Model X constantly scans the carriageway and the environment and automatically warns of dangers. A high-quality HEPA filter also ensures clean air in the vehicle, free of pollen and contaminated air.

A specialty of the Model X is the rear falcon wing doors. They enable passengers to board and alight the vehicle easily without causing any headaches. Naturally, the doors can be conveniently opened and closed at the push of a button. Fulfill your dream now and rent a Tesla Model X from Click on the vehicle to be rented and then select the desired data in the online calendar, then complete the rental form and you could soon be sitting at the wheel of this fantastic car.

The following vehicles of this model can be rented:

Tesla Model X P100D (black)
Tesla Model X P100D (White)
Tesla Model X P100D (red)